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Game Theory in the Age of Chaos (Softcover + Digitals)

Game Theory in the Age of Chaos (Softcover + Digitals)

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The 532-page omnibus edition of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos is here! For the period of 2017-2020, game designer Mike Selinker has analyzed the resultant effects through the lens of game theory. Aided by game theory primers from mathematician Richard Malena-Webber, Mike describes how games like poker, Werewolf, and Pandemic guide us in understanding international trade, civil rights, and the threat of nuclear war. If you want to learn the basics of game theory set against a topical backdrop, this is the book for you.

The softcover of Game Theory in the Age of Chaos comes with a PDF and an eBook in .mobi and .epub form.

In addition, the softcover comes with the digital mini-album Music to Doomscroll By, containing topical songs by Mega Ran x DN DJ3, Marian Call & the Guttersnipes, Molly Lewis, Jim Boggia, Austin Wintory, The Doubleclicks, Quelle Chris & Chris Keys, Kid Beyond featuring Born I, Jonathan Coulton, Sidecar Astronauts, Jonathan Mann, and Kirby Krackle.

Ages: 13+
Written by: Mike Selinker and Richard Malena-Webber
Edited by: Gaby Weidling and F. Wesley Schneider
Foreword by: Sen. Steve Hobbs

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