Lords of Vegas Boss Briefcase and Tray

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The Lords of Vegas Boss Briefcase is a mobster briefcase box with places to hold the components from the base game, Up!, and Underworld, plus room for the Poker Chips and the Player Upgrade Kit. When you pull this game off your shelf, we want you to feel like a casino magnate. The briefcase is 320 mm x 320 mm (fits nicely into a Kallax shelf) but feels weighty and substantial. There's a leather-like exterior, a felt interior, and a removable felt-lined tray with snug spaces for each player's components. It's the box we always wanted Lords of Vegas to be in.

This briefcase contains the Lords of Vegas Felt-Lined Tray. You do not need to purchase a separate tray. Also, this briefcase will not hold the Lords of Vegas Playmat while it contains all the other game components.

Players: 2-6
Playtime: 60 minutes
Ages: 14+
Designed by: Skylar Woodies