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The Theseus Guide Audiobook and Variety Hour (Digital Edition)

The Theseus Guide Audiobook and Variety Hour (Digital Edition)

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Actor Wil Wheaton records the latest chapters in our interactive puzzle novel series The Maze of Games. First up, there’s The Theseus Guide to the Final Maze, an interstitial book that features the characters Samuel and Colleen Quaice still trapped inside the maze by the scurrilous Gatekeeper. Second, there’s The Gatekeeper’s Variety Hour, a radio show that plays inside the Maze itself! Featuring musical and audio puzzle contributions from Mike Selinker, Gaby Weidling, Molly Lewis, Austin Wintory, Elisa Teague, Kid Beyond, Tanis O’Connor, Eric Chaikin, Greg Pliska, Matt Szemela, Francis Heaney, and the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. It’s an audiophonic Conundrucopia!

Ages: 13+
Created by: Lone Shark Games and Skyboat Media

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