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From Basket of Adorables

The Ghastlytrump Tinies (Softcover + Digitals)

The Ghastlytrump Tinies (Softcover + Digitals)

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Get the book The Ghastlytrump Tinies from Basket of Adorables for only $24.95!

The Ghastlytrump Tinies is a parody of Edward Gorey’s classic alphabet book The Gashlycrumb Tinies, but with the children representing policy changes in the Trump administration. It is written by game designer Mike Selinker and illustrated by 26 of the best artists on the planet.

Ages: 13+

Written by: Mike Selinker

Developed by: Gaby Weidling

Illustrated by: Veronica Berns, Joe Cabrera, Shawn Coss, Lar deSouza, David Ellis Dickerson, Jade Gordon, Cara Heacock, Heather Hudson, Kyle Stanley Hunter, John Kovalic, David Malki!, Natalie Metzger, Jesper Myrfors, Chris O’Neill, Aviv Or, Len Peralta, Satine Phoenix, Mackenzie Schubert, Stan Shaw, Stan!, Tony Steele, Kris Straub, Nate Taylor, Elisa Teague, Joel Watson, and Sam Wood.

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