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Hastur Horta Hodor Mordor (Print & Play)

Hastur Horta Hodor Mordor (Print & Play)

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Yeah, say that three times fast. The card game Hastur Horta Hodor Mordor is a mix between a memory game and tongue twister. Each card in the game starts you off with an interesting collection of words, like Hastur, Horta, Hodor, and Mordor. The first player begins the round of reading the first word. The next player recites the next word, and so on, adding words of their choice as they go. The goal is to choose words that are similar to the last word in the group, and never forget a word in the sequence. Hopefully, you have better memories and tongue agility than your opponents. You can take as little as a few minutes or an hour to enjoy mind-bending tongue twisters.

Ages: 13+
Designed by: Mike Selinker with Chad Brown, James Ernest, Devin Low, Paul Peterson, Aviva Schecterson, Liz Smith, and Gaby Weidling
Illustrated by: John Kovalic, Liz Spain, and Skylar Woodies

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