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Letters to Margaret Graphic Novel (Softcover + Digitals)

Letters to Margaret Graphic Novel (Softcover + Digitals)

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Letters to Margaret is a 128-page graphic novel split in two parts, one facing the opposite direction from the other. You can read either tale first and your reading experience will be different each time. But that’s not all you can do. Letters to Margaret is the first comic book you can solve. The book is loaded with crossword puzzles that you can solve before they appear in the characters’ hands. Several are puzzles of the kind you’d find in the New York Times, while others are the crosswords that the character Maggie, an up-and-coming cruciverbalist (that’s a fancy term for a crossword constructor), submits to the New York Times — and then gets a few edits from its long-passed editor, Margaret Farrar.

The Letters to Margaret softcover comes with a PDF and .cbz & .cbr files suitable for a comic reader app.

Ages: 13+

Created by: Hayley Gold with puzzles by Andy Kravis and Mike Selinker

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