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Paragon (Print & Play)

Paragon (Print & Play)

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Have you ever wondered who the most interesting person at the table is? Wonder no longer! We’ve made a fun game to help you discover all the interesting things your friends and fellow players have been up to. With questions like “Who has climbed to the highest elevation?” “Who is most likely to have a secret underground lair?” and “We’re in a prison cell, who picks the lock from the inside?” you’re bound to learn some interesting things about your friends and yourself with a game of Paragon. This is another quick game that can be played to fill a little time or be played multiple times to keep the party going.

Ages: 13+
Designed by: James Ernest, Mike Selinker, and Teeuwynn Woodruff with Jess Hartley, Amanda Humann, Aviva Schecterson, and Gaby Weidling
Illustrated by: Liz Spain and Skylar Woodies

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