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The Maze of Games Soundtrack by Austin Wintory (Digital Download)

The Maze of Games Soundtrack by Austin Wintory (Digital Download)

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The Maze of Games Soundtrack by Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory, composer of the soundtracks for the video games Journey and The Banner Saga, brings his talents to The Maze of Games. His crew of brilliant musicians, including violinist Serena McKinney and harpist Charissa Barger, bring the Gatekeeper’s mazes to life in thirteen blissful tracks. Author Mike Selinker adds a moving set of maze-themed poems that vocalist Holly Sedillos captures in arias set in multiple languages. Perfect as a backdrop for solving, this soundtrack is an audio treasure trove for all Maze of Games fans.

Track listing

  1. Prelude 00:29
  2. The First Path: Into Mystery 02:37
  3. Diamonds in the Rough 00:31
  4. The Second Path: Nomad 02:46
  5. Joining the Clubs 00:27
  6. The Third Path: Prayers 02:56
  7. Your Hearts' Contents 00:20
  8. The Fourth Path: Strands 03:06
  9. Trouble in Spades 00:23
  10. The Fifth Path: Involution 01:49
  11. The Impractical Joker 00:32
  12. The Sixth Path: Exoduses 02:10
  13. Postlude 00:32

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